Oakleaf Rabbit Control are Rabbit control
specialists covering the UK and Ireland with
branches in Northern Ireland, England and

With over 25 years experience in rabbit
control and many satisfied customers across
the UK and Republic Of Ireland.
We carry out work for a large variety of clients over the years including Arable & Dairy Farms, Golf Courses, Shooting
Estates, Colleges and Universities, Government bodies, Stud farms and riding schools as well as private clients.

We are experienced in working on sensitive areas without knowledge of the public, as well as areas of "Special Scientific
Interest" or SSIA's.
We specialise in traditional rabbit control only and are not a commerical "Pest Control

Our methods which include the use of Ferrets, Nets, Trapping, Shooting by day or night
where required, Snaring as well as Rabbit proof fencing and drop boxes.
Our methods are environmentally friendly and cause no damage to land & crops or
disturb livestock and we will always find a suitable solution to any rabbit problem.
Oakleaf Rabbit Control - Rabbit control specialists covering the UK